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Studio Updates —

Studio updates.

My father...

...has left me with a camera that he always used since my earliest memories. Guess what, that thing still runs perfectly! The old and badly stored film gives some extra vintage feel...

My dear friends Mel and Sam, in Galicia, 2018

TEDxMauerpark - my talk

So, here it is! I would be excited if you had 15 minutes and hear me out - and leave your thoughts, I am really curious!
This is the first public statement I have ever released, and it starts to feel right. These things are what I want to talk about through my work, and I am more than excited that I was able to share this talk on the TEDx platform. Thank you for the opportunity! 

Philipp Primus is an interdisciplinary researcher in Physical Chemistry and a Photographer. In all of his work, he is passionate about using light as his tool, investigating the properties of molecules and atoms and capturing photographic images to tell human stories.
Lifegoal: TED

This year has been more than eventful, but one of the biggest things for me was this: I had the great oppotunity to speak about my work - and about what my scientific endeavors have taught me. It was really the first public statement about how I see and understand the world, and what kind of ideas inform my work.

I am very blessed in the sense that I have the freedom to work exclusively on things that I find meaningful and important - and I can't wait to share the video with you, as soon as it is uploaded via TED

TEDx speaker Philipp Primus stage.jpg